Polka dotted dwiyet Aileen Burton is the author of National Dress of Dominica published in 2008.
More information available at Division of Culture, Old Mill Cultural Centre, Canefield (767) 449-1804.

Gold accessories formed an integral part of the Wòb Dwiyèt outfit.

The matador when dressed for special occasions displayed all of her prized pieces. She wore rings, huge earrings as light as egg shells, chains, bracelets and broaches. Often gold ornaments such as hairpins, barrettes, épingles tremblantes adorned her hair and headpiece.

We have become familiar with earrings with names such as pommes canelles, chenilles, bouclés d’oreilles Pierre noir, tètè nègresse, etc.

Popular necklaces include collier choux, collier forçat, collier grain d'or, chaine gros-sirop and others.

Hair Style
Most matadors wore twists or plaits pinned in a circle on either side of the headpiece, above the ears and sometimes over the top of the ear lobe depending on the tilt of the headpiece.

At the back of the head several plaits on either side of a middle part were pinned one across the other below the headpiece. A bun was also another style used.

Black dress shoes with or without heels are the norm, though there is no reason why coloured shoes cannot be worn

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