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Sensei Shannah Robin

Shannah Robin
17th September, 1981
Marigot, Dominica


Martial artist


Violet Nation (deceased) and Embert Alexander

Marie-Claude Nation, Sharon Augustine, Gerry Alexander, Christy Alexander, Epson Alexander, Marilyn Alexander, Kervin Augustine, Bernella Nation


1998–2000 Portsmouth Seventh Day Adventist High School, Portsmouth, Dominica
1998–2014 University of Purple Dragon
2002–04 Dominica State College, Stock Farm, Dominica

2002 City & Guilds Certificate in Building and Construction, Cliffton Dupigny Community College, Dominica
2004 Associate Degree in Architectural Design, Dominica State College, Dominica
2006 Boxing Team Training, Royal Navy of Portsmouth, England
2007 Certificate in Metrology, Dominica Bureau of Standards, Dominica
2011 Certificate in Basic Security, United Nations
2012 Certificate in Touch for Health Massage, Quantum Leap, Dominica
2013 Certificate in Abdomen Massage with Dr. Janet Taylor, Quantum Leap, Dominica
2014 Fourth Degree Black Belt Instructor Diploma, University of Purple Dragon


2000–present Owner, manager, instructor, Purple Dragon Karate School (Dominica branch), Goodwill, Dominica
2001–02 Part-time teacher, Dominica Seventh Day Adventist High School, Portsmouth, Dominica
2002–present Masseuse, Dominica
2004–present Full time teacher: Technical Drawing, Woodwork & Physical Education, various high schools, Dominica
2006–present Farmer, Marigot and Copthall
Lecturer in Martial Arts, Dominica
2009–present Motivational speaker
2010–present Founder, owner, manager, Dynamic Lifestyle Ltd.
2013 Guest lecturer on Health & Wellness, All Saints University, Roseau, Dominica
Architectural designer, builder, joiner, construction project manager


2005 9th in the world, Martial Arts Form, US Open Championship, Florida, USA
Gold medal (amateur), Boxing (welter weight), Olympic Qualifiers, Trinidad & Tobago
2006 7th in the world, Martial Arts Form, US Open Championship, Florida, USA
2007 Bronze medal (amateur), Martial Arts Forms (middle weight), Regional Amateur Boxing Games, St. Thomas, USVI
2008 2nd place, Team Sparring, Purple Dragon International Cayman Islands Grand Slam, Cayman Islands
2009 3rd in the World in Team Sparring, US Open Championship, Florida, USA
2010 Best Sensei of the Year, 2nd Caribbean Martial Arts Hall of Fame,
World Champion in Martial Arts Forms, US Open Championship, Florida, USA
Exemplary Role Model in Society, Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School, Portsmouth, Dominica


• 1st Martial Arts instructor to produce the youngest black belt (age 14) in Dominica
• Host of The Positive Mind, The Power is Now radio programme
• Dancer, Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company
• Creative director, Purple Dragon Karate School performance, Dominica’s National Youth Rally, 2012 & 2013
• 1st local sports organisation to take a contingent of over 30 students & parents to partake in sports overseas
• First Purple Dragon International sensei single handedly own & operate a dojo (karate school); earn a 4th degree black belt through self-learning & limited hands-on teacher-student training; perform & win a karate demonstration at the Shaolin Temple, China