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Alwin Bully

Alwin Anthony Bully
23rd November, 1948
Roseau, Dominica


Playwright, cultural administrator
Also actor, costume designer, stage and lighting designer, graphic artist, painter, illustrator, composer, and art teacher


Charles Bully and Edna Bully née Porter

Colin and Barbara

Anita Bully née Astaphan, 1977–present

Peron (deceased), Brent and Sade


1961–67 Dominica Grammar School and St. Mary’s Academy, Roseau, Dominica
1967–71 University of the West Indies, Cavehill, Barbados
1983 Cultural Administration, Paris, France

1967 High school diploma, St. Mary’s Academy, Dominica
1971 B.A. (General Honours) English, and French, University of the West Indies, Barbados


Arts critic for the New Chronicle newspaper, Dominica
1964 Founding Dancer/Choreographer, Dominica Dance Company, Dominica
Founding Member, Secondary Schools Drama Society, Dominica
1966 Chairman, Dominica Arts Council, Dominica
1967 Founding Member, Barbados National Theatre Workshop, Barbados
Founding Member, Carnival and Annual Arts Festival, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados
1969 President, Guild of Undergraduates, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados (1969–70)
1970 Dancer/choreographer, Barbados National Dance Theatre Company, Barbados
1971 Artistic Director, Little Theatre Group, Dominica
Graduate Teacher, Dominica Grammar School and Dominica Sixth Form College, Dominica (1971–77)
1972 Artistic Director, People’s Action Theatre, Dominica (1972–87)
1974 Teacher, Head of English Department, Dominica Grammar School, Dominica (1974–76)
1976 Deputy Principal, Dominica Grammar School, Dominica (1976–77)
1977 Dominica Broadcasting Corporation Board of Directors, Dominica (1977–78)
Acting Principal, Dominica Grammar School, Dominica (1977–78)
Chairman, Creative Arts Society of Dominica, Dominica (1977–79)
1978 Chief Cultural Officer, Dominica (1978–82)
1979 Chairman, Independence Anniversary Celebrations Committee, Dominica (1979–88)
Chairman, Dominica Broadcasting Corporation, Dominica (1979–80)
1980 Member, Dominica Tourist Board, Dominica (1980–83)
Public Relations Officer, National Pan Association, Dominica (1980–85)
Chairman, Carnival Organising Committee, Dominica (1980–86)
1981 Chairman, National Cultural Council, Dominica (1981–88)
President, Theatre Information Exchange, Regional Theatre Organisation (1981–88)
Treasurer, Standing Committee for Creole Studies, Dominica (1981–88)
1982 Advisor, Dominica Writers Guild, Dominica
Acting Manager, Dominica Broadcasting Corporation, DBS Radio, Dominica (1982–83)
Board of Directors, National School of Dance, Dominica (1983–88)
Chief Cultural Officer, Ministry of Community Development, Dominica (1983–88)
1984 Chairman, National Handicraft Steering Committee, Dominica (1984–86)
Culture and Recreation Subcommittee, Partners of the Americas (1984–88)
1985 Old Market Renovation Committee, Dominica (1985–88)
Advisory Board, National Chorale, Dominica (1985–present)
Advisor, Dominica Artists Guild, Dominica (1985–present)
1986 Rotary Club of Dominica Classification, Dominica (1986–88)
Roseau City Council Improvement Committee, Dominica (1986–88)
Advisory Board of The Caribbean Writer Literacy Magazine, St. Croix, USVI (1986–present)
1987 President, Partners of the Americas, Dominica/Duchess Country, NY, USA (1987–88)
UNESCO Senior Programme Specialist for Culture, Jamaica (1987–present)
1988 Executive Member, Association of Caribbean Theatre Artists (1988–present)
1992 Artistic Director, The Company Limited (1992–98)
1996 Artistic Director, Father Holung and Friends (1996–present)
2002 First Vice President, Jamaica Association of Dramatic Artists, Jamaica (2002–present)
2003 University of Technology Advisory Committee on the Arts (2003–present)


1970 Good Morning Miss Millie
1976 Streak
The Ruler
Folk Nativity
Green Gold
1977 The Nite Box
1978 Pio-Pio
Green Gold
1979 Winds of Change
Me Too
1980 Secrets of La Cloche
1981 Pelée
1983 Fire Go Bun
A Dance in the Dark
1985 J.D.; D-J
1989 McB

1976 Super School
Carnival ’78
Flower Show
Toto and the Town Visitors


1978 Man of the Year Award, New Chronicle (newspaper), Roseau, Dominica
National Recognition for design of Dominica’s Flag, Government of Dominica
1979 Caribbean United States Theatre Exchange/Theatre Information Exchange Award for West Indies Theatre Achievement
1981 Best Costume Award, Carnival, Dominica
1982 Best Costume Award, Carnival, Dominica
1983 Best Costume Award, Carnival, Dominica
2nd Prize, BBC Radio Drama Competition
1984 Best Costume Award, Carnival, Dominica
Most Outstanding Young Person Award, West Indies Jaycees
1985 Best Costume Award, Carnival, Dominica
Sisserou Award of Honour, Government of Dominica
1986 Commonwealth Fellowship Award
1991 Best Drama for The Nitebox (Writer), ITI-Jamaica Centre "Actor Boy Awards", Jamaica
1992 Best Director for Walcott’s Pantomime, ITI-Jamaica Centre "Actor Boy Awards", Jamaica
2000 Best Set Design for Jesus 2000, ITI-Jamaica Centre "Actor Boy Awards", Jamaica
2001 Best Director for Oronoko, ITI-Jamaica Centre "Actor Boy Awards", Jamaica


1978 Designed the original national flag of Dominica on its independence from British rule