Media Kit
A great opportunity!
In 2004 when Domnitjen was first published it built up a reputation based on quality of its content. By the end of the year we had earned the very enthusiastic response of our readers. Now we invite you to advertise with us
What is Domnitjen magazine?
Domnitjen is a general interest magazine aimed at all Dominicans throughout the Diaspora. It is published three times a year (with a special run Shopping Guide catalogue at the end of the year) and distributed locally, regionally and internationally. Its purpose is to inform and enlighten Dominicans about the world in which they live and of their heritage. We aim to reach as many Dominicans as possible to maintain strong lines of communication that will allow the free flow of ideas and knowledge. Our mission is to help lift ourselves up, be proud of who we are and discover ways to secure a bright future.
Why do we do it?
Dominica, that well-kept Caribbean secret, is even less known by its own peoples. Dominicans at home and abroad are unaware of the exciting history of the island or of its many success stories. This we have concluded has lent to a national low self-esteem—we fail to fully appreciate Dominica. Through Domnitjen magazine we want to raise the faltered self-esteem. We will uncover our proud past, showcase current successes and provide the information that will facilitate future success.
How do we do it?
Domnitjen presents a wide range of topics meant to stimulate minds and inspire action. We identify successful Dominicans past and present worldwide; we delve into our history and heritage; we explore business and personal finance, health and well-being, home management and décor, etiquette, and>
Our regular columns include Spice of Life (a well-rounded look at herbs and spices); Personalities (a showcase of notable Dominicans throughout history); and Good Reads (book extracts).
Who reads Domnitjen?
Our target audience is quite wide. We target and reach Dominicans ranging in age from approximately 10 to 75; Dominicans on island and abroad. We have readers as far as Antigua, St. Lucia, the United Kingdom and the USA. Students, homemakers, professionals alike find something of interest in Domnitjen.
Why advertise with Domnitjen?
Domnitjen will get your product/service seen throughout the Diaspora. Dominicans all over will learn of your business.
When to advertise in Domnitjen
Domnitjen is printed three times a year, with our annual Shopping Guide catalogue published in December. We require official confirmation by the reservation deadline.

Volume deadlines
Issue Reservation SubmissionOn sale
Carnival29-Nov-1017-Dec-10February 2011
Summer5-Apr-1026-Apr-10 June 2010
Independence30-Jul-1013-Aug-10October 2010
Shopping Guide2-Jul-101-Oct-10December 2010
Design format
The magazine is printed in 4-colour process (CMYK), therefore we prefer that all finished artwork be submitted as CYMK in TIFF format. Artwork submitted as JPEG will be converted and there may be some degree of colour change. All advertisements must be submitted by the submission deadline. All advertisements must be submitted by the submission deadline, only in JPEG or TIFF format at 300 dpi, and scaled to the exact size paid for.
We can design it for you
We offer design services where, if you so prefer, we will create an advertisement for you as part of the advertisement cost. You are required to submit all the information, images and logos by the reservation deadline, with final approval by the submission deadline. The design fee includes scanning images, editing text, reproducing logos, and designing and layout. We require the non-refundable deposit upon final approval of the artwork. All advertisements that we design for use in Domnitjen cannot be used in any other medium without proper authorisation.
Advertisement sizes
To facilitate layout we request that you submit the artwork for prepared advertisements to scaled size. Listed below are the sizes with and without bleed. Artwork with bleed must have its edges extend at least a quarter inch (0.25") beyond the 9-inch by 12-inch page size.
Two page spread 18" x 12"
Bleed size 18.25" x 12.25"

Cover pages 9" x 12"
Bleed size 9.25" x 12.25"
Back Cover EC$1,500
Inside Back Cover EC$1,300
Front of Book EC$1,400

Full page 8.75" x 11.75"
Bleed size 9.25" x 12.25"

Two-thirds page 5.5" x 11.5"
No bleed size

Horizontal half page Vertical half page Horizontal half
8.25" x 5.75"

Vertical half
5.25" x 8.75"
No bleed size

Third page square Third page strip Third page banner Third page square
5.25" x 5.75"

Third page strip
2.675" x 11.5"

Third page banner
8.25" x 3.75"
No bleed size

Vertical sixth page 2.625" x 5.75"
No bleed size

Economy size page 2.625" x 3.75"
No bleed size

Eighth page 4" x 2.75
No bleed size
Activities page adverts will be only placed in the What You Missed, What's To Come and What's There To Do features in the Activities section of the magazine.
Calendar page 2.5" x 2.75"
No bleed size
Calendar page adverts will be only placed in the Looking Ahead feature of the Activities section of the magazine.
We require a 50% non-refundable deposit by the submission deadline. Should you choose to pay in full by that date you will qualify for a 3% prepayment discount. This discount is only applicable when both the artwork and payment have been received by the deadline.

Any payment received after that deadline is subject to the full rate. Payments made more than seven (7) days after deadlines are subject to a late fee of 0.5% of the full rate per day.

We will not place any advertisement without payment (deposit or in full), and subsequently we will not accept any payment if it is not accompanied by the complete artwork. Payments are non-refundable. There are no exceptions. The advertisement rates are non-negotiable. All advertisements must be delivered by the submission deadline.
We offer frequency discounts of 5% and 10%. If you want to run your advertisement in two or more issues consecutively, you will qualify for a discount off the cost of the advertisement. The discount is applicable per advertisement. For example a full page colour advertisement (at the rate of $1,200) booked for three consecutive issues will cost $1,080 each.

 Price Twice (5% off) Three times (10% off)
Two-page spread $2,000 $1,900 $1,800
Back cover $1,500 $1,425 $1,350
Inside back cover $1,400 $1,330 $1,260
Front-of-Book $1,300 $1,235 $1,170
Full page $1,200 $1,140 $1,080
Two-thirds page $900 $855 $810
Half page $800 $760 $720
One-third page $550 $522.50 $495
One-sixth page $400 $380 $360
Economy size page $250 $237.50 $225
Eighth page $150 $142.50 $135
Calendar page $90 $85.50 $81

These rates are quoted in EC dollars.
Quotes are available in other currencies upon request.

Other advertisements
Webpage advertisements
We also offer advertising space on the Domnitjen web site. We have two banner ad sizes.

Small banner
225 pixels x 100 pixels

Large banner
225 pixels x 200 pixels

The banner ads run for three month periods. Take a banner advert in addition to a print advert and qualify for a 20% discount on the print advert.

Web Package Discounts
  After 20%
+ Small banner
or Large banner
Two-page spread ($2,000) $1,600 + $1,680 or $1,750
Back cover ($1,500) $1,200 + $1,280 or $1,350
Inside back cover ($1,400) $1,120 + $1,200 or $1,270
Front-of-Book ($1,300) $1,040 + $1,120 or $1,190
Full page ($1,200) $960 + $1,040 or $1,100
Two-thirds page ($900) $720 + $800 or $870
Half page ($800) $640 + $720 or $790
One-third page ($550) $440 + $520 or $590
One-sixth page ($400) $320 + $400 or $470
Economy size page ($250) $200 + $280 or $350
Eighth page ($150) $120 + $200 or $270
Calendar page ($90) $72 + $152 or $222
These rates are quoted in EC dollars.
Quotes are available in other currencies upon request.

Classified advertisements
In addition to the standard advertising space, we have classifieds advertisement sections. The spaces are located at the back of the magazine before the last page.

Sell your land
In the Properties page, you can list land for sale, houses for rent, etc. The space is sold per column inch—EC$25 per column inch. Photographs can be added at EC$5 per photo. There are six lines of text per column inch and 2 inch wide.

Sell your stuff
In the Classifieds page, we offer graphic and text spaces, in full colour. Text advertisements are EC$28 per column inch.

How to contact us?
Want to know more about Domnitjen? We are available to answer any questions.
Address: Domnitjen Magazine,
P. O. Box 471, Roseau,
Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies