Volume 3 Issue 1
Shadrach Burton

a b o u t   t h e   a r t i s t
Shadrach Burton is a young canvas painter who specialises in acrylic. Born October 1986, this artist from Wotten Waven enjoys capturing a range of subjects on canvas including landscapes, flowers, cars, waterfalls as well as abstract creations from his imagination. Since beginning in 2000, Burton has participated in over 40 exhibitions locally and overseas, and has won prizes at national art competitions. Presently in his third year teaching high school biology and art, Burton intends to pursue studies in art and physics.

a b o u t   t h e   w o r k
Wotten Waven Feeling
Acrylic on canvas
"The location of Wotten Waven, in the interior of the island, ensures that it receives a lot of rainfall making the entire landscape lush and green. As an artist, rainfall usually dampens the spirit since it is impossible to go out, however as soon as the sun emerges from behind the dark clouds the spirit is lifted. The enthusiasm becomes explosive as any artist is filled with genuine hope when the brilliant sunshine comes streaking through the forests which surrounds Wotten Waven. This hope is the driving force and inspiration which any artist needs to 'get out there and paint'."
Wotten Waven Feeling