Volume 3 Issue 1
Patrick Hanna

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Patrick Hanna is a 2001 graduate of Kenyon College in Ohio, USA. He was a studio art major and won various art and painting awards for his senior show entitled 'Mixed Media Meditations'. Since his graduation, he has worked with various youth education programs and has continued to both produce and teach art. Patrick currently works at the Pioneer Preparatory School where he teaches both Art and Computer Technology.

a b o u t   t h e   w o r k
Jawa—A Namibian Orphan
Mixed media: watercolour with pen and ink
Inspired by a photograph taken by the artist during his 2005 visit to an orphange located in Swakopmund, Namibia. "Words simply cannot describe the overwhelming feeling one gets when visiting an orphanage in Africa. Despite all of their hardships, the children I encountered were hopeful, positive, high-spirited and inspirational. Jawa was the name of this particular child whose family whose family had all died of AIDS related illness."
Jawa—A Namibian Orphan