Jacqueline Barry

a b o u t   t h e   a r t i s t
Jacqueline Barry is of Dominican parents. She attended the St. Martin's Primary School in Roseau, Dominica, then left to pursue her love of Art at Berkshire College of Art and Design in Reading, England. She freelanced in the field of graphic design and photography for many years. In addition her studies in the History of Art have lent themselves to her creation of vivid paintings. Barry continues to paint in her spare time while she works as an art teacher at the Convent Preparatory School in Roseau.

a b o u t   t h e   w o r k
Volume 2 Issue 2
Tall is Her Body
Oil on canvas
"Our nature isle Waitukubuli is the name of given by our indigenous people, the Caribs… Her tall statue towers over the green luscious island hidden in the background with all its beautiful attributes whilst enjoying the medicinal qualities of [the] coconut. Caribs paint their bodies and faces traditionally as a way of expressing their beliefs and culture. The masks highlight this in an almost cubist impression."
Tall is Her Body

Volume 10 Issue 4
Christmas Angel
acrylic on canvas
“This is a depiction of a Caribbean Christmas with family as an underlying theme. The family’s angel helps the family to put a star on the top of the Christmas tree. This is a cute way of depicting Christmas[.]
Christmas is the season we commemorate the birth and infancy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas Day, that is to say, December 25th traditionally, marks the beginning of this season. While the epiphany, January 6th, marks the end. (That is how we get “the twelve days of Christmas.”)…
Christmas is God’s greatest gift to us—Himself. His birth shows us what a true king is, one who is poor with no place to stay, one who is vulnerable by his infant love, one who has no food but becomes food lying in the manger, and we by sharing in his crucified but resurrected body in the Eucharist become partakers in His divine life.”
Christmas Angel