Volume 6 Issue 2
Hilroy Fingol

a b o u t   t h e   a r t i s t
When it comes to art, Hilroy is an all rounder. He works with such a diverse range of raw materials and mediums such as calabash, coconut, shells, driftwood, fish bones, leaves, the human body. In fact everything imaginable becomes his working canvas, Hilroy specialises in miniature paintings, local jewellery handcrafted from local raw materials, souvenir items and above all enjoys designing clothes, shoes and spaces. His choice medium is acrylics, but also works in watercolour, oils, inks, and is currently experimenting with natural dyes. His latest pieces are exhibited all over Dominica in the form of murals and commercial art for some of the major companies on island."

Hilroy Fingal was born in Roseau. He started drawing from four years old, returning to Dominica from studies in the US, at 21, to pursue a career as an artist. Artists who have inspired him include Vincent Van Gogh and Earl Etienne.

a b o u t   t h e   w o r k
In Glow of Warm Dust In July
Acrylic on canvas
"A woman, decked in her glory, reflects the golden rays of the warm Caribbean setting sun in the heat of summer. Her robust joy bursts forth pulling the viewer in a hypnotic swirl of true Dominican life of colour."
In Glow of Warm Dust In July