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Remembrance Day Members of the Dominica Legion (the Ex-Servicemen) at attention, during Remembrance Day, 1995

Every November a sombre ceremony is held in the nations of the Allied forces of the two World Wars. Worldwide, Remembrance Day is held in observance of the many who died in battle in the wars of the last century. We observe it so that we do not forget their effort; and that the loss of life was not in vain. Remembrance Day is the day for the Ex-Servicemen and women; it honours the military dead and remembers the survivors.

What is Remembrance Day?
The Cenotaph The Cenotaph, memorial for those who died in the wars, on Victoria Street, Roseau
In 1918 on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month the First World War, 1914–18 (The Great War), was officially ended. Germany signed the Armistice in Compiegne, France, at 5 a.m., agreeing to the terms of surrender: marking that day as Armistice Day. At 11'o clock on the 11th of November, the guns of the Western Front fell silent.

We remember that moment annually on Armistice Day, Sunday the 11th or the Sunday nearest to the 11th of November. After the end Second World War (1939–45), Armistice Day was changed to Remembrance Day to commemorate all men and women who were killed during the two World Wars and other subsequent conflicts.

The names of Dominicans who perished in both wars are on plaques on our Cenotaph on Victoria Street in Roseau. There is also a small monument on the west corner of the Cenotaph commemorating the Free French dead. Dominica is the only nation to have two war memorials.
The Ex-Servicemen
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Brave patriotic Dominican men and women enlisted to fight off the Fascists forces that threatened. Many of these brave citizens have since died and tragically with them goes a very important part of our history. To honour their sacrifice we are collecting the names and ranks of the Exservicemen and putting faces to those names to remember their effort.

Follow this link to the list of those who served in the Second World War: Second World War Exservicemen.