Golda Scotland-Andrew



Convent High School
Miami Dade College
American Intercontinental University

•   Has written Reunion Time, Reunion Lime; Dansé Hero; Soukwé, in 2011
•   Released albums; Gold de Luxe Vol. 1 (2014) and Gold de Luxe Vol. 2 (2015)
•   Performed in the play, The Ruler, at the Arawak House of Culture, Roseau, in August 2014

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Golda has written and been the voice behind several jingles on local radio, including:

Make Banking Easy for National Bank of Dominica (NBD)

We Are the NCCU for National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU)

Invest and You for Invest Dominica Authority

Miniya’s Got It & Meals on Wheels for Miniya’s 7-11

Rally Rethink Respond for OECS Campaign
I started singing
the day before
I started talking,
ha ha!
When did you start performing?
I started performing and doing music on a professional level when I was 18. [I] started singing professionally after two industry professionals at my college back in Florida reached out to me when I auditioned for a school talent show. They were musical professionals looking for fresh talent to manage and they chose me; it really started from that moment.
Have you had any formal training?
I have no formal training, but I have been fortunate to work with exceptional producers, (musical) engineers, musicians, vocalists, choir directors and performing arts directors along the way. These are hardworking people, who take pride in their craft, I surrounded myself with in my beginning stages, and who are continuing to help me refine my craft.
Why did you start singing?
I started singing because of the couple of individuals who believed in me back in college when I first auditioned for that talent show. Their belief in me made me believe in myself. What kept me going was the person I saw myself becoming, doing music. I kept unlocking abilities that I did not know I had, I started seeing myself in a different light, I started gaining a lot more confidence in myself, I started accepting and loving myself more. It was almost therapeutic.
What do you picture yourself doing in the next 5 years?
I made up my mind that music, either the art form or the business will be my “bread and butter” as Tessanne Chin put it. So in 5 years I would like to see myself in a more fruitful situation in my career. Doing regional/international tours and appearances, with some good albums under my belt and strong singles getting decent sales. Have some quality music videos released, already would have done a few iconic collaborations with some international producers/artists/bands. I would like to have built a strong fan base, be a household name at least regionally, ideally internationally, but I don't want to get too carried away because reality is it's hard out there. If all fails I just want to remain relevant and consistent, never fall beneath the radar.
What genre of music do you feel you fit in?
This has always been a difficult question because I try not to be confined within the walls of “genre”. What I fit comfortably in is soulful and jazzy music, styles which could be found in any genre. To me, the “soul” in music accounts for the groove, and I appreciate groove. It is essentially the beauty of the art form.
So far what is the most significant event in your career?
There have been a few but currently it is my album that I am about to release. It is my first ever EP comprising of 6 tracks Gold de Luxe Vol I. I currently have a single from it that is on the airwaves, So Nice, a fusion of soul and Bouyon that I call “Bouyon Love” (the softer side of Bouyon) and I plan on releasing another single during the course of this month (September) and another before the year ends.
Who would you love to collaborate with on a song/album?
That is a tough question. Generally I am drawn to producers/songwriters who create music that can appeal to any culture and background. These are the ones who bridge gaps, and make timeless records. So creators like Wyclef, Timbaland, Neptunes,, Kanye West, Don Corleon, Rock City come to mind. I would love to sing/be featured on their productions. Now when it comes to collaborating with solo artists/bands I have no preference, as long as I can appreciate their musical movement I am open. However I will admit that there are two particular indie artists Stevy Mahy from Guadeloupe who sings Creole Folk, and Shakka who sings a fusion of genres, based in England with roots from Dominica. OMG! I would die if I could collaborate with either; I adore them!
Tell us a little bit more about yourself
I am a solo artist (singer/songwriter and co-producer)… I am currently signed to a management company, Allegro Worldwide. I [perform] different shows… around the island at different events. I recently performed at a couple of Creole and Jazz Fringe events, with a Fusion Jazz band called Breve ([I] featured with them on the main stage as well), but also had my solo act at one of the fringe events held at Fort Young Hotel.

I am not at all new to the stage or musical scene been involved in music in various ways since I returned home in 2010. I did the Salisbury Reunion theme song Reunion Time, Reunion Lime when we celebrated our reunion back in 2011. I am currently an active member of the Sixth Form Sisserou Singers (under the direction of Pearle Christian).

I have worked with local producers like Krishner “Dada” Lawrence who produced two of my songs called Dansé Hero and Soukwé both a fusion of Cadence and Zouk which are also played on the radio. I also had the opportunity to perform these two numbers at the World Creole Music Festival as a guest artist. I frequently work with producer Earlson Matthew of Sonic Art Studios keyboardist and producer of WCK. Did the vocals on WCK track Outta CKontrol.

For a brief period I performed with Fanatik Band and did various shows including Créole in the Park 2011.

I was a competitor in the 2nd annual NCCU Cadence-Lypso Competition in 2012. Had the chance to work alongside Michele Henderson who wrote my song Péké Changé which is still a popular one on rotation today. I also did and do back up for Calypso shows (live and recorded).