Read more about Creole wear in this article Our Precious Legacy: The Wòb Dwiyèt from issue 3, volume 5, 2008.

For More Information
Learn more about our traditional national wear in National Dress of Dominica by Aileen BURTON, published in 2008 by the Division of Culture, Old Mill Cultural Centre, Canefield, (767) 449-1804.

an   an, as in animal
ch   sh, as in shame
dj   as in jam
è   eh, as in yet
é   ay
en   as in penny
ò   oh (nasal), as in hot
on   as in honey
ou   as in foot
tj   as in catch
Before you don your national wear this Independence, find out the names of the parts of you outfit.


black trousers pantalon nwè head tie tèt kasé scarf foula
blouse chimiz necklace kolyé white shirt chimiz blan
earrings zanno petticoat jipon skirt jip
great dress gwan wòb sash chas waistcoat jilé

Tet kasé peaks and their meanings

One peak
= “Ché mwe ouvé”
“My heart is free.”
Two peaks
= “Ché mwe engagé mais ou sap on yon chance”
“My heart is taken but you can try your luck.”
Three peaks
= “Ché mwe pon deja”
“My heart is already taken.”
Four peaks
= “Mwe ni yon place pou tout yo ki vlé mwe!”
“I have a place for whoever desires!”