Dominica’s Birds

Dr. Paul REILLO, Rare Species Conservatory Foundation
courtesy: Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division, Ministry of Agriculture (Rock Dove photo)

an   an, as in animal
ch   sh, as in shame
dj   as in jam
é   ay
è   eh, as in yet
en   as in penny
ò   oh (nasal), as in hot
on   as in honey
ou   as in foot
tj   as in catch
Dominica is home to many species of birds. These includes two species of parrots, the Jako and Sisserou. In this lesson we introduce you to some of the more common birds found in Dominica.

Donmik ni yon lo zibyé. Anpami yo sé dé pawotjé, Jako epi Siséwou. An lison sala, nou ka pwézanté zibyé ki pli konmen an Donmnik.


bird(s) zibyé, zozyo, zwézo, zyozyo wing(s) zèl egg(s)
flock kway, kwèy, vòl feather(s) plim chicks ti zwézo
bill, beak bèk plummage koulé plim nest nich

to fly       volé

to sing       chanté

to perch       pozé

to forage       gwayé

to peck at       bèkté

to lay (eggs)       ponn

to nest, sit on eggs       kouvé

to hatch       èklò

Zibyé Domnik (Birds of Dominica)
Sikiyè, Sikwiyè
Lesser Antillean Bullfinch
Gwo-bèk, Red-bress
Magnificent Frigatebird
Fwégad, Fougad, Sizo
Broad-winged Hawk, Chicken Hawk
Green Heron
Kalali, Kwabyé silèt
Purple-throated Carib, Hummingbird
Fal-wouj, Madè, Foufou-madè
Barn Owl
Brown Pelican
Kanna kannal
Pigeon, Rock Dove
Yellow Warbler
Tim tim, titin, titin-jòn, titin-nwél, zwézo-nwél,
zwézo-sòlèy, chik-chik

Kwéyòl Proverbs
Kanna ni glo pou benye, i vlé glo pou’y najé.
The duck has water for bathing, now it wants water for it to swim in.
Greedy, inconsiderate people are never satisfied with what they have.
Kwabyé di fòt dòt i ka manjé siwik, é fé i ka kaka blan.
The heron says that it is the fault of others that he eats river crabs which causes his droppings to be white.
Blaming others for one’s problems and bad habits.
Piti a piti, zozyo ka fè nich.
Little by little, a bird builds its nest.
Gradually (bit by bit) the job is completed.
Tout zibyé sé zibyé, mé pipirit pa wanmyé.
All birds are birds; but a Grey Kingbird is not a Red-necked Pigeon.
Every situation must be treated on its own merit.
Yon zibyé ka lonbilyé zatwap mé zatwap pa ka lonbiliyé zibyé.
A bird often forgets a trap, but a trap does not forget a bird.
Never let your guard down even if the immediate danger has passed.