Recipe submitted by
Chef Flloyd Bell
The Laughing Lobster restaurant
Tuna Tropical recipe Serves 4

1 lb yellow fin tuna filet
1¼lb white lady’s yam
100 ml coconut milk
1 tbsp butter or margarine
1 small lime
salt and pepper, to taste

Peel yam and wash under running water, using a cut lime to rub on the yam.
Cut the yam into even pieces and cover with cold water in the pan. Pour out into a strainer and leave until all the steam has stopped rising. Place them in a bowl, add butter, coconut milk and a pinch of salt and pepper.
Using a fork, mash and mix the yam until well combined, taste and add salt and pepper, if required.
Cover with plastic wrap and keep warm.

Cut tuna into four equal pieces, approx. ½ thick.
Season with salt and pepper.
Cook the fish on a grill or a hot oiled frying pan until slightly brown, then turn over. Cook for more minute.
Carefully remove the fish and place on a side plate.

On a large dinner plate, heap ½ of the yam mixture a little off-centre on the plate.
Place the fish filet at a slight tilt resting against the yam mixture.
Drizzle the salsa directly onto fish and then drizzled around the entire dish.
Quickly dip the “chive spear” into water with a few drops of oil in it, to make the chive shine. Place it elegantly against the fish.


1 small onion
2 chives
1 small tomato
1 small pawpaw
1 tbsp honey
1 small green lime
25 ml good quality oil
25 ml strained coconut water
salt & pepper, to taste

Make at least 2 hours in advance to promote flavour.
De-seed the tomato and cut into small cubes. Repeat with the pawpaw and onion. Place all into a bowl.
Chop the chive into thin rings, add to the bowl. Keep the leaves of the chive for garnish.
Add to the bowl juice of the green lime, honey, oil and coconut water, and gently toss all the ingredients with a small spoon until mixed well. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Cover the bowl and place it in the fridge. Remove it a ¼ hour before using, to allow it to come to room temperature.