Shopping Guide 2014
Domnitjen Magazine’s Shopping Guide 2014

Third Wheel Beverage Co.
Lower Canefield East, Canefield

Tel: (767) 265-3810, 316-8576
: 3rd Wheel Beverage

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Shopping Guide 2014 Throwing a fete? We found a local manufacturer producing an exciting line of drinks. Send a bottle (if you dare spare one) to friends abroad for a taste of home.
3rd Wheel Beverage Co.
A line of locally made rum punches in a variety of flavours; 21 flavours and growing.
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Ponche de Creme
Creamy Ponche de Creme Rum and Raisin punch

Pretty Coconut
Tasty, vibrant, duo-coloured Pretty Coconut coconut punch

Potent Lime PoncheVore will definitely grow hair on your chest ;)
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